The bouncer – construction

OK, I should have written this a couple of weeks back, but I was too busy making it to post. I really needed to hit the deadline for the London Playground party for the bouncer debut.

So without further ado, details on construction.



The harness is actually 3 layers of fabric – a standard tube, make by sewing it inside out and turning it the right way round, and pressing the seams. It then had stuffing adding to it – 3 layers in the centre and just one at front and back. The two ends were then sewn up. The above image is it just as the tube, with seams pressed but without stuffing.

You can see in the next image how the front and back aren’t quite the same shape, it’s not by much though.


Then stuffed, but not sewn up at the ends:


Following this the carefully laid on and secured the webbing straps – and tested it. I then found I got my work wrong and had sew a twist into the straps – not into the loop, but due to where I’d attached the loop I’d created to the harness. Unpicked and reworked – the picture below shows it on test complete with twisted straps.


Once this had been sorted and some testing completed, I then decided to sew the straps together where they crossed at the bottom – in an effort to keep them where they felt most comfortable during testing.

It was then on with the last layer of fabric to cover the straps and hopefully keep them in place. I decided at this point the most reliable way of attaching this was to sew it by hand – the sewing machine had been giving me issues with some of the other seams, and this allowed by to keep it right on the edge.

Applied over this were the horizontal straps to hold the bABy in – I settled on two being ideal. I positioned them and attached them only in the centre at the front and the buckles at the back – again centre positioned.

Sadly due to time constraints there weren’t photos following these last works.

The wooden bar as seen in the photo above had already been cut to length based on the baby sized bouncer and scaled up – but the straps kept sliding in. To prevent this, I cut two diagonal slots into the bar near each end, which the straps slip into – quite a tight fit, I used sandpaper to enlarge them after a single cut with the saw.

This was all then disassembled and packed, to take to the London playground party. Added to the items previous mentioned in the suspension rigging, a pulley system was added – but only on the morning before the party debut.

Next post will go over what worked and what broke when it all went bouncing at the playground party. Sadly, due to event rules there are no pictures of this in action – hopefully I’ll find a venue where a nice photoset and video can be produced.



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2 Responses to The bouncer – construction

  1. babyboyleo says:

    How did it go? Any chance of making these to sell?

  2. @babyboyleo: it went quite well, the first use saw some stitches snap, although not to be dangerous.They were redone and reinforced and a 2nd run went well, until a slightly creaking noise from the wood bar put people off. However, no damage can be seen and I suspect the bar is unlikely to be weaker. I’m toying with replacing it with a Aluminium bar.

    Regarding selling these, due to the height requirements they are quite specialist items – if you want one email me at and we can work out a deal.

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