Play room makeover

OK, this isn’t really an “ABDL” project, it’s more a generalised kink one. But I’m not building a whole new website just to write this up on.

My partner has a playroom cum guest room at their house and while moving some things to work on adding Segufix mounts to the bed in there, we spotted a little mildew on some of what’s being stored between the bed and wall. So we figured, it might be best to move the bed so it’s not on the outside wall, which then got us talking about moving the storage for other toys. That means unscrewing things from the wall, leaving unsightly holes.

Project outline:
So, that means it’s decorating time. After that, since we fancy having suspension points available, time to build a frame for that out of scaffold poles, giving a sort of industrial feel. The frame is going to fit to the room, so there’s still space to use other toys without needing to dismantle it.

First, time to fill holes and sand. Then sugar soap and paint.

Red wall with white filler spots

While that’s happening, time to work out the scaffold frame and order the connectors and scaffold tube for it.

To that end, I built a model, as drawing it as a plan of any sort doesn’t cover everything. I gave up modelling all the diagonals, it got too complex.