I was always brought up with a hands on attitude. If it’s crafts, DIY or otherwise ‘making’ stuff, that’s what I’ve been doing. One particular point of this – if you can’t buy it, make it yourself. So having landed in the ABDL world, there’s loads to apply myself to.

The final kick to get this blog going was at a recent event where I was seeing another’s efforts in building an adult baby door bouncer. A few off hand comments about how I’d not do it like that, then suddenly I’m realising I need to put my money where my mouth is and build a better one myself. Then I realised that although there’s been a build, no-one documents how to build one. Unlike the maker community that I’ve also been involved in, where everyone documents everything they make so others can have a go too – and suggest improvements on the way. So, I’m here to change that, one project at a time!

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  1. baby Robin says:

    If you want, you can repost the photo’s of my bouncer from FL on this blog

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